4th of July Boston 2018

Today is July 4 or Independence Day of USA, sure we have all heard about this important date in the calendar of the United States.

4th of July Boston 2018

It is a federal holiday since 1941, although its celebrations date back to the initial date. John Adams, the Massachusetts representative of the First Constitutional Congress, wrote to his wife a letter in which he said that this date should be solemnly celebrated from that moment until forever.

It is the National Party of the United States, the day is celebrated in which the Declaration of Independence, which although signed on July 2, 1776, was not approved by the Continental Congress until two days later, on July 4, 1776.

Although at first the American colonies and the British maintained good relations because they enjoyed some autonomy, among other reasons. With the government of the monarch Jorge III and his decisions regarding the imposition of new taxes, without having a prior consultation with the colonies, these relationships began to be truncated.

It was specifically the tax on tea that would eventually trigger the War of the Revolution.

The revolution that began in the port of Boston, known as the Boston Tea Party (Boston Tea Party ). It took place on December 16, 1773, in the form of a boycott of tea that arrived from China and was sold by the British East India Company.

That night an assembly was held at the Old South Meeting House in Boston, attended by about 8,000 settlers.

About 100 of those settlers who belonged to a secret society (The Sons of Liberty), disguised themselves as Indians and headed for the port of Boston, where the Dartmouth, Beaver and Eleanor, all boats loaded with tea, were docked. Of the British Company of the East Indies.

They managed to swim and get on board to take control and immediately began with their purpose of throwing all the shipments of tea into the sea. Finally, 45 tons of tea floated for weeks in the waters of Boston Harbor. As a result, the British government closed this port in 1774.

But that was only the precedent of the American War of Independence, which took place between 1775 and 1783 and ended with the British defeat and the independence of the United States of America from the British Empire.

The first battles of the War of Independence, took place in Massachusetts and that is why Patriots’ Day is celebrated, a tragically marked date this year, and of which I already made a brief summary in this post.

Leaving history and returning to the current celebration, the main symbol of this celebration is the American flag and all kinds of decorative objects, clothes or even food decorated with its three colors, red, blue and white, as well as the stars and bars that are part of the flag.

The events that are organized throughout the country this day are usually varied but mainly focus on the famous fireworks during the night, as well as barbecues, outdoor picnics, parades, musical events.

Little by little and not to get bored with the story I will be adding entries related to these facts, since some of them have to do not only with the history of the whole United States but also, particularly with the one in Massachusetts, that is why it is considered the Cradle of the Nation.

4th of July Boston 2018

4th of July Boston 2018

4th of July Boston 2018

4th of July Boston 2018