4th of July cake 2018

There is no doubt that the United States is the great world superpower with only 241 years of history. Globalization and the magnitude of the country have also influenced gastronomy. And we are not talking about fast food chains. It is increasingly common to find American cakes on the dessert menu on the day of independence day of USA: cheesecake, carrot cake, brownies.

4th of July cake 2018

In the United States, some of these sweets do not go out of fashion and, as they say, “the classics never die”. Antonio Bachour, a renowned Puerto Rican pastry chef who last week taught a master class at the Hofmann School in Barcelona, has chosen the classic New York cheesecake and the velvet red as the best American desserts.

In addition to fast food chains, American desserts have also arrived in Europe

Originally from New York, the key to cheesecake is the production of cream cheese. “It’s the typical cake found in Starbucks and, also, in American steakhouses.” However, in Europe, there are other versions.

“In Europe, you play with dessert, “says Bachour.”Here the pastry chef wants to go further, that is, he likes to reinterpret the recipe”, he adds. He has seen “deconstructions, creams, and sorbets, not only cheesecakes, but also carrots, and some are delicious.”

The pastry chef says that these ideas are good for the world of confectionery, because innovation is always welcome, although he says that these creations are successful in using the classic name of the American dessert. “Any invention is no longer the classic recipe, but it owes the name to be more popular.”

“I had the opportunity to eat in Azurmendi, and there I ordered a cheesecake made with blue cheese that I loved,” acknowledged the pastry chef. “Around here in Barcelona, I have seen that it is also made with goat cheese”.

European innovations succeed thanks to the use of the original name

Regarding other influences in the desserts, the pastry chef points to two factors: the consumer and the presentation. According to the pastry chef, the American palate is different from the European one. The bakeries of a city like Barcelona, which welcomes many tourists, try to make a cheesecake that may be to everyone’s taste.

As for the presentation, it now contributes to Instagram. The presentation of some cakes in the social network causes them to end up being a trend or not. For Bachour, “you have to kill yourself for the presentation” and it is that you already know, before eating by mouth, the food enters our eyes.

In fact, these recipes made in the old continent are later reimported. It is difficult to reinvent the classic in the place of origin. So, says Bachour, “it is usually the European chefs who observe the changes that are made in Europe and then take them back to the United States.” Bachour himself has innovated the typical cheesecake recipe, including coconut:

Another dessert that has landed in Europe is the velvet net, which is common to find on Christmas and Valentine’s Day in the United States, although it can also be found at American tables on July 4 to celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Velvet red, translation of Red Velvet, is the classic desserts preferred by the pastry chef for this day, a cake that, in some houses, includes the blue color and thus have the three colors of the American flag.

According to Bachour, care must be taken with its preparation, since it is difficult to make it soft and moist since it can be very dense. He also considers that the best way to prepare it is by making the layers very large.

Despite not having achieved the fame of brownies, the carrot cake or the famous cheesecake, it is likely that it is increasingly common to find red velvet cake in the restaurant, although the chef loves the classic version of the desert, he has dared to make several innovations to the recipe:

Despite the reinvention of the velvet network, Antonio Bachour gives us the original recipe to celebrate as an American on July 4.

4th of July cake 2018

4th of July cake 2018

4th of July cake 2018

4th of July cake 2018

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