4th of July cookies 2018

Four or five times a year, it is mandatory that all biscuits comply with the tradition and make some seasonal cookies. You have to know how to make Christmas, Halloween, Independence day of USA, Easter and Valentine’s cookies. And you also have to do, at least once in your life, a patriotic cookie.

4th of July cookies 2018

Patriotism is a totally different concept in each country. If you are Spanish and you move to live in the USA there are many things that surprise; At the beginning, it’s really hard to hide it. But if I have learned something in these four years living here, we have horrible prejudices, and that there is no way to know the world to see that everywhere there are wonders and miseries.

The Americans are not, let’s say at once, worse than the Spaniards. They are not all fat, they do not eat fatally, they are not indifferent to the suffering of others. It is true that as a society they are more individualistic than Spaniards, that they have a poor health system for the poor, that they care little about knowing what is outside their borders and of course, lentils like your mother’s do not know how to do them. But in return, they have many admirable things.

They are patriots with capital letters, and when things come hard they know how to close ranks and be one; That makes me very envious. They realize that they know very little about your culture and your country, and greatly appreciate the efforts that others make to know their country, their language and their customs. They recognize the talent of others and applaud it with pleasure. And since bad education is totally intolerable, they are absolutely civic, a pending issue in Spain.

So this year I have done with pleasure my first patriotic cookies, dedicated to this country that has welcomed us so well and in which we have felt at home. Vale, it is clear that Miami is not deep America and its Latin influence makes it a warm and vibrant city. But let’s not take away any American’s merit; our hosts are the ones who build this society day by day.

I wanted the cookies to be easy to make because if I have learned something here, it is that if there are two possible ways, the easiest and most direct one is the American Way.

First of all, I made my usual dough and used some star-shaped cutters, taking care to refrigerate it very well before and after cutting so it would not lose shape.

I prepared icing 5 “navy blue, dark red and white.

To make the blue stars, I filled the cookie directly with a single consistency, and with the help of a punch, I carefully distributed the icing to the edges.

Before giving time to dry, I put some little stars of silver color throughout the cookie. They are very small edible decorations that tend to stay stuck, so to put them you have to use a pair of tweezers or-better yet-we can puncture them and leave them with a punch because they do not break.

Then, to make the red and white bar cookie, I drew some lines with an edible ballpoint pen, separating one centimeter from the other.

First I colored the red color, letting it dry very well under the fan for 4 hours, to avoid that when the colors are transferred.

After that time, I did the same with the white lines and let them dry equally.

Once the cookies were dry, I made the edge, which I wanted to look like a cord. For this, I only had to make very small dots and together in white icing with a mouthpiece of number # 1. To give you an idea, the appearance when you are doing it is like the chain of the cap of the bathtub. But then when it dries it is more like a cordoncito.

Once it was dry, I began to color the border using silver shading powder, slightly diluted with a few drops of vodka. I have two layers so that the silver was somewhat more intense.

And finally, I decorated a few round cookies with the same colors, inspired by a beautiful Japanese postcard that my brother J. and my great sister-in-law I. sent us from their honeymoon. Japanese inspiration for the very American fireworks of the 4th of July.

And these have been my first patriotic cookies. A classic biscuit perfect to share with friends during our picnic before the fires of Independence Day; a beautiful celebration in a family that we always enjoy very much.

4th of July cookies 2018

4th of July cookies 2018

4th of July cookies 2018

4th of July cookies 2018

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