4th of July fireworks 2018

On the 4th of July, Independence Day of USA is celebrated, one of the most important American holidays (with permission of the Thanksgiving Day). This day in 1776 the Declaration of Independence was signed, proclaiming the total separation of the British Empire. Celebrations with families and friends, street parades, fireworks, baseball games, etc. They are organized throughout the country. And on July 4 in New York, how could it be otherwise, is also celebrated in style.

4th of July fireworks 2018

Fourth of July Fireworks in New York

The fireworks of the 4th of July in New York are undoubtedly the most important event organized in the city. New Yorkers and tourists take to the streets to enjoy the fireworks on the NY skyline sponsored by Macy’s. You will find more information at this link.

Although traditionally the fires were launched from the Hudson River, in the last years they changed the location, being now undisputed protagonist the East River. The place cannot be more ideal to enjoy the best views of the Big Apple! Although there are also other places where pyrotechnic shows are organized to enjoy Independence Day in New York.

The great moment of the night of July 4 arrives around 9 pm when the fireworks begin to rumble and dazzle. The approximate duration is about 30 minutes.

Although fires are easily visible from virtually anywhere in the east of the city, the most recommended places to watch the East River show for free are:

In Manhattan:

Through the streets of Midtown: 18 str, 23rd str, 34th str and 42nd str, for example, and East River Park. Also further south by the Financial District and the South Street Seaport area.

In Brooklyn:

Enjoy the views while enjoying a picnic at Brooklyn Bridge Park. A little higher but with the same views you have Brooklyn Heights and Brooklyn Promenade. Also from Williamsburg Bridge, the views are ideal.

In Queens:

The Gantry Plaza State Park is a privileged viewpoint from which to see the spectacular fireworks of July 4 in New York.

Special viewpoints:

There are also others from which you will enjoy privileged views of the fires (for a fee):

  • Empire State Building, which offers a special entrance for this day.
  • Top of the Rock. It is the regular entrance as it does not offer clear views of the place
  • One World Trade Center, special entrance for this day. Prepare your pocket!
  • Cruise through New York Bay, a nice cruise to see the fires from the water.
  • World Yacht gala cruise with dinner. Only suitable for rich! Includes 5-course dinner and open bar.

4th of July fireworks 2018

4th of July fireworks

4th of July fireworks

4th of July fireworks 2018

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