4th of July Poems 2018

This is a beautiful poem appropriate for celebrations of the  Independence Day of the USA for the Race or the Discovery of America.

4th of July Poems 2018

Columbus! His name only awakes in memory

The most beautiful page of the book of History,

The giant company that saw Land and Sea;

With ships and soldiers of a people of brave

He made a world only of different worlds,

And came on these shores the land to complete.


Through him a new life was born that day

One hundred peoples whose souls the fog darkened;

Columbus raised a canvas and a cross in the air, He

Turned towards the joyful height his gaze,

Kissed the soft sand, the immaculate earth.

And those peoples opened their eyes to the light.


Great America, superb continent,

Of the kiss that one day sealed your caste front

Your hidden strength gushed forth, your noble redemption.

Today you have the lever in your hands of the World;

Be great, but do not forget that your greatness starts

from Spain, from your mother, from the kiss of Columbus.

4th of July Poems 2018

4th of July Poems 2018

4th of July Poems 2018

4th of July Poems 2018

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