4th of July Traditions 2018

A new July 4 looms and with it the nationalism to the surface that in all the citizens of the United States oozes before, during and after the most important party on Independence Day of the USA in the country. The colors of its flag will adorn the facades of the houses and the clothing of the people during, the patriotism will accompany each one of its actions.

4th of July Traditions 2018

In the following selection of photos, we will inform you of everything you need to know about this important festivity that, although it concerns exclusively the Americans, generates attention throughout the world.


It is the day that most pride is generated in American citizens. History tells that July 4, 1776, is the day that the Declaration of Independence was signed in which the United States proclaimed its independence from the British Empire.


Do you think that the United States is a country that is quite patriotic? On July 4, his patriotism rises to power X. It is undoubtedly the day of greatest pride for Americans who on this occasion celebrate 240 years of independence.


Infallible. In all the cities of the United States, there is a firework show for Independence Day. The options: to see them from the mythical Empire State, in the esplanade of the Capitol in Washington or in cruise by New York. Around 14 thousand fireworks parties are held throughout the country.


Be it a barbecue or a grill, with a steaming burger or a cold beer in your hand, on July 4th you should celebrate with a good lunch and with family or friends. This is dictated by the unwritten tradition and religiously fulfilled. It is estimated that 150 million hot dogs are eaten in the country during the celebrations.


It is not an exaggeration. The flag of the United States becomes the “tapestry” of the houses, the decoration of the buildings, the clothing of the people. There is not a single space that does not show the blue, red and star characteristics of its flag.


There is no better time to watch patriotic movies than July 4th. Movies like “Independence Day” or “The Patriot” are some of the films that are most often aired and seen during celebrations.


History tells that in George Washington he bid farewell to his army by inviting a large banquet in Frances Tavern, which opened in 1762. It is now an important place to visit in New York because it has a museum with objects of independence. It offers food and drinks of the time.


There is also space for strange contests and one of them is the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest that takes place in Coney Island, which is televised and watched by around 2 million people. It consists of rewarding those who eat more hot dogs.


In addition to grills, parades, unusual contests and relaxing with good movies at home, you can also delve a bit into the history of American independence with the tours offered in different cities. In New York, for example, historical tours usually last two and a half hours and you can visit incredible places like St. Paul’s Chapel and Trinity.


The parades are another classic activity of the independence parties. In different cities, colorful and loud parades are organized and enthusiastically followed by the citizens. One of the most popular is the one that takes place at the National Mall in Washington, which starts at noon and crosses several streets of Constitution Avenue.

4th of July Traditions 2018

4th of July Traditions


4th of July Traditions

4th of July Traditions 2018

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